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 General Features 

The following is a list of the public features available at Auralgasms.com.
  • Discovery. The purpose of Auralgasms.com is to provide music lovers a venue for discovering new artists that they might have otherwise never heard of. The Auralgasms artists are categorized into Genres such as Alternative Rock, Brit Pop, Dream Pop, and Singer-Songwriters. The Genres help you find artists according to your musical preferences.

  • Artist Information. Each Auralgasms artist displays the following information.
    • Related Artists. A list of other artists that are similar. This helps you to decide if this artist may be of interest to you.

    • Sample Downloads. 3 or more song samples are available to hear what what the artist sounds like. This will help you decide if you want to know more about the artist.

    • Artist Ratings. Each artist can be rated on a scale of 1-5. The rating gives you an idea of what other Auralgasms viewers thought of the artist.

    • Biography. Each artist has a biography which gives a descriptive background about the history of the artist.

    • Discography. View a list of all of the recordings available for an artist, including full track lists and links to samples where available.

    • Tour Dates. Find out when your favorite artists are coming to your town. The tour dates page shows all known dates for each artist.

    • Comments. View feedback others have posted about the artist.

    • Links. A comprehensive list of other web-sites dedicated to the artist

  • Recommendations. Tell us what well known artists you like, and Auralgasms will recommend Auralgasms artists that we think you will like also.

  • Auralgasms Radio. Listen to Auralgasms artists 24/7 over the Internet with streaming audio at Live365.

 Registered User Features 

The following is a list of the additional features available to users who register at Auralgasms.com.
  • Unlimited Downloads. Listen to as many samples and download as many songs as you would like. Unregistered users have a limit of 3 samples per session and do not have access to the Full MP3 Downloads.

  • Rate Artists. Rate artists based on a scale of 1-5.

  • Personalized Recommendations. Auralgasms will collect data from all of the artists that you rated and display a customized list of recommendations to you based on your ratings.

  • New Artist Notifications. Receive an E-mail from Auralgasms when we update the site with new artists or song samples..

  • Personalized Genre. Configure Auralgasms to start up displaying your favorite genre.

  • Community. Enter comments in the discussion forums for each Artist. Or, visit the Auralgasms Community to participate in conversations in a variety of music topics, including memorable concerts, or new artists that you would like to recommend to others.

  • Thread Tracking. Receive an email notifcation whenever somebody posts a message about a thread of interest, or your favorite artist.

 Artist Features / Promotions 

The following promotional features are available to Artists.
  • Featured Artist. For a small fee, we will make you an Auralgasms Featured Artist. Featured Artists will be highlighted each time they are listed. There will be an icon next to their name, and the text will be bold. Additionally, featured artists will appear at the top of the Artist Navigation bar on the site. It has been demonstrated on this site, and other like eBay, that highlighted artists generate the most traffic.

  • Featured Article. You can purchase one of the two Feature Article slots on the home page. This is the first thing that every visitor to our site will see. It will link to a Feature Article that can contain any content that you wish. We can put one together for you, or you are free to author your own page. This is a great way to promote your music on our site.

  • Banner Ad. You can purchase banner space at the top of every auralgasms page. The banner can take the user to any page that you desire. This is a nice way to have your name highlighted on every Auralgasms page.

  • Custom Artist Page.Auralgasms can help you develop a custom Main page. When a user clicks on your name, this will be the first page that gets displayed. We can work with you on the content and format for the page.