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Live Chat
Join Zumby, MikeyLove, and the rest of the listeners for a LIVE CHAT during the airing of Aural Bliss - Sunday Nights at 10pm EST. Discuss the music that's playing, the station, or music in general. Do you have a song that you are wondering who it's by? Ask Zumby in the chat - he's the king of all music related trivia.

The streaming and royalty costs to run this station are non-trivial. The more people that listen, the more it costs. All donations that are made will go a long way towards keeping the station running. Every little bit counts!

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 Show Schedule 

10pm - 12am. Aural Bliss 12am - 9pm. All Request Mondays

9pm - 10pm. Retrogasms

10pm - 11pm. Yourgasms
1pm - 2pm. Yourgasms replay

10pm - 12am. Aural Bliss replay
1pm - 2pm. Retrogasms 3pm - 5pm. Aural Bliss replay

9pm - 10pm. Sonic Beats
9pm - 10pm. Sonic Beats
All times are Eastern Standard Time

 Show Descriptions 

Hosted by DJs Zumby and Mikey. Aural Bliss is a weekly show dedicated to bring you an eclectic mix of Dreampop, Trip hop, Brit pop, Shoegaze, Electronica, Alternative Classics, a few flashbacks and the latest new releases. Inspired by the now defunct Big Sonic Heaven show in detroit, Aural Bliss brings you 2 hours of ethereal music that you just don't hear everyday. The hosts will inform you of the latest new music in these genres, and also welcome your requests for songs you've been dying to hear.

Hear bands like The Cure, Hooverphonic, Lamb, Delerium, Gene, Massive Attack, The Postal Service, Bjork, Au Revoir Borealis, The Doves, and more...

Join Mikey and Zumby in the chatroom during the Sunday airing of the show to discuss the music you are hearing, artists you'd like to hear, or just some fun conversation on music in general. The hosts have been known to give away concert tickets, discounts on cds, and other prizes in the chatroom during the show

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Hosted by YOU. Yourgasms is where YOU, the general public, gets to be the DJ for an hour. You make the playlists. You record the voice-over breaks. You host the online chat. This is your chance to share your favorites with the rest of the community.

Want to host a show? E-mail the Auralgasms Radio staff and let us know your show idea.

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Sonic Beats is a weekly show bringing you classic alternative dance tunes, to warm you up for your weekend night on the town.

Hear classics from New Order, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, Wolfsheim, and many more.

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Retrogasms is a weekly show bringing you a mix of alternative classics from the 80s and 90s.

Don't expect to hear Men At Work, or Kajagoogoo. Instead, you will hear from the likes of Aztec Camera, The Lightening Seeds, The Mighty Lemondrops, The Primitives, Camouflage, Cause And Effect, Talk Talk and more.

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