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Click here to listen to free 24/7 internet streaming radio featuring the best of Dreampop, Brit-pop, Trip-hop, Shoegazing, Indie, Electronica and Alternative Classics.

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Please help Auralgasms learn more about your radio listening habits by filling out the quick, easy, and anonymous survey. This survey will help us in providing better services to our wonderful listeners. Your support means a lot to us.

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Live Chat
Join Zumby, MikeyLove, and the rest of the listeners for a LIVE CHAT during the airing of Aural Bliss - Sunday Nights at 10pm EST. Discuss the music that's playing, the station, or music in general. Do you have a song that you are wondering who it's by? Ask Zumby in the chat - he's the king of all music related trivia.

The streaming and royalty costs to run this station are non-trivial. The more people that listen, the more it costs. All donations that are made will go a long way towards keeping the station running. Every little bit counts!

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Download the MP3Pro decoder for WinAmp to dramatically enhance the sound quality of the 32KBPS stream. Hear high quality music at 1/2 the bandwidth!

 Request Rules 

Click the request buttons below to request a song that you would like to hear. The song will queue up, and usually play in one hour. You may make one request per hour. An artist will not repeat within 2 hours, and a song will not repeat within 4 hours.


You MUST be logged in to Auralgasms.com in order to make requests.

If you don't see what you'd like to hear listed, email us at radio@auralgasms.com and suggest that we add it to our ever growing catalog.

 Request Etiquette: Please Read 

Auralgasms Radio exists to bring you a listenening experience unlike any other. For one, we play a variety of artists that most radio stations ignore. Additionally, we don't have the repetition that most commercial radio stations have.

However, a number of you loyal fans keep reqesting the same artists and the same songs every day. We have received some complaints that at times, Auralgasms Radio has too much repetition, which goes against all of our goals as a radio station. What makes matters worse, is that some of this repetition is for songs that are 10 years old. It is great if you want to hear them - that's why we have those songs on the station, but by requesting them every day, you are essentially pushing your musical preferences on everyone else.

If there is a new artist that there is a lot of demand for, then the artist will receive a lot of requests from several people, and the radio station will meet the public demand. However, if we find that the same requests are coming from one person, then we will eventually take the song off of the request list to eliminate the repetition.

Please understand our position. We are trying to provide the best programming for all of our listeners.

Please request responsibily, continue to support good music, and most importantly....have fun. Much thanks from the Auralgasms staff!!

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