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Beat Of Dis-content
Auralgasms Compilation CD:
Beat Of Dis-content

The Beat Of Dis-content is the first CD released by Auralgasms. It features some of our favorite selections from the site. This compilation contains many up and coming artists, as well as some voices you may be familiar with. You may be familiar with Kristy Thirsk's voice on many Delerium hits, Tanya Donnelly's voice with Belly and Throwing Muses, Mark Gardener's voice as the lead singer of Ride, or Violet Indiana (featuring Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins and Siobhan de Mare' of Mono).

We hope you enjoy the CD!

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Pop Stops, Star Newspapers (Chicago)
Every song on this disc simmers with delicate beauty and soul-baring layers of poetic intensity.

Side-line Magazine

A melodious record full of sensibility, and spirituality but also a collection of artists who deserve our attention!

It’s very rare for this kind of record, but “The Beat of Dis-content” is certainly one of the most played compilations in my cd player.

About.com Review
This compilation is the companion to their great site. "The Beat Of Discontent" will lift you up to formerly unattainable levels of dream-pop bliss. It's am amazing accomplishment to assemble a compilation of 17 artists that flow so well together.

Musical Discoveries Review
"The Beat of Discontent" is a perfect way to become familiar with superb artists of whom you may not have yet heard. Highly recommended!

 Track List 

01. Twenty Four Gone - Girl Of Colours

Sonically gorgeous, defined by the band's heavy and embryonic soundscapes, The Spin is Twenty Four Gone's opus. "Girl of Colours" showcases the band's rich songwriting, suiting a cathartic ring similar to the sounds of Kitchens of Distinction, Moev, and the Chameleons UK.

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02. Au Revoir Borealis - Waldorf Theft Song

All of heaven comes down as Au Revoir Borealis sings their wares in orchestral fashion with masterful precision and artful grace. Smooth rhythms with soaring ribbons crying unearthly heights. Rich depths anchoring soul in solid heartful footings. Crashing, clashing, hammering beats of ferocious precision resonating hearts to captured unison. Sweet vocal lyric expressions leading bold charge to heaven's gate to plea His grace. ....Heaven answered

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03. Kristy Thirsk - Run Away

The gorgeous voice behind The Rose Chronicles, Delerium and Balligomingo graces us with her solo debut. Souvenir features Kristy on her own, as singer, songwriter and musician.

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04. Violet Indiana - Busted

Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Siobhan de Mare' (Mono) combine for lush, ethereal beauty.

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05. Stars - Elevator Love Letter

Their music has been described as "breathtakingly effervescent" and they have been called the kind of band that "blue lights and fog machines are made for". Stars' music has an otherworldly blissfulness and a sophisticated epicurean cool.

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06. Tyko - Road Map

To listen to Tyko is to travel the astral plane in space age comfort.

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07. Anabret - Until Morning

An evocative and lush sound, drawing on the best traditions of independent music, resulting in powerful and often ethereal vocals above a richly textured musical foundation.

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08. Production Club - Devils Kiss (with Tanya Donelly)

Wally Gagel is known as a producer/songwriter/engineer having worked with such acts as the Folk Implosion, eels, Old 97's and the Rolling Stones. This is his debut album which combines electronic/organic tracks with various guest vocalists.

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09. Emm Gryner - Symphonic

Emm Gryner's sixth album, Asianblue, is a pop record with punk ideals. Full of undeniable pop-rock, recorded entirely through fan support and without corporate funding or major label assistance, and released on her self-run Dead Daisy Records, Asianblue soars above what you might expect of an independent record with melodic songs, infectious hooks and unique, emotionally-charged lyrics.

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10. Ari Hest - Monsters

Singer/songwriter in the vein of John Mayer. Ari has a great voice on record, and an even better persona on stage.

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11. Mark Gardener (w/ Goldrush) - Snow In Mexico

The former vocalist of British shoegaze gods, Ride, turns Singer-Songwriter. Mark has hooked up with Britpop act, Goldrush, as his backing band. The music is new, but the voice you never forget.

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12. Twilight Babies - Piper Cried

Sublime and sultry female vocals backed by throbbing electronic beats and swirling guitars

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13. Daughter Darling - Broken Bridge

If you can imagine Portishead, with more accessible vocals, rich harmonies, classical style piano playing, gorgeous string sections and the most amazing beats ever programmed, then you have Daughter Darling.

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14. Trespassers William - Lie In The Sound

Dreamy, female fronted, ethereal indie rock with hints of folk and shoegaze; The passionate side of Mazzy Star meets the mellow side Coldplay.

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15. The Arrogants - The Incurables

Influenced by such early '90s favorites as the Darling Buds and The Sundays, The Arrogants retain the ethereal feel of their debut ep, "Your Simple Beauty," married with the sunny character of their Southern California roots.

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16. Hungry Lucy - Her Song

Infectious trip-pop with enchanting female vocals.

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17. My Favorite - Le Monster

The soundtrack to a sad, reflective John Waters movie with little dialogue, shot in tinted blue hues... Dark new wave that finds beauty and romance in suburban disaffection. They should be your favorite too! Village Voice, NY

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